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Our Eustice family comes from Ireland.  We do not know which city they emigrated from or when.  But our guess is around 1840`s and the city of Dublin.

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Eustace Family of County Offaly

By: Ronald F. Eustice

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Catholic Church records for Ballyburly (Croghan), Rhode Parish where most of the Eustace families lived begin in 1829.

Christopher Eustace of Croghan Hill, Rhode Parish, County Offaly:

Christopher Eustace was born about 1780. The name of his wife has not been found. They were the parents of at least two children;

Children of Christopher Eustace and unidentified wife:

1. Katie Eustace; married James Grogan (son of Frank Grogan of Grovesend) in November 1821 at Rhode;

2. Ellen Eustace, daughter of Christopher of Croghan Hill, married John Lynam, son of John Lynam, of Ballyfore in February 1827;

Michael Eustace and Mary Malone (also Mullins):

Michael Eustace was born about 1783, worked as a shepherd and died 16 February 1871 at Croghan; he married Mary Malone before 1822;
Children of Michael Eustace and Mary Malone:

1. Margaret Eustace; baptized September 1822 at Edenderry, Tullamore;

2. Christopher Eustace; baptized February 1825 at Edenderry, Tullamore; he married Ann McCabe in July 1856 at Rhode Parish and died on 10 January 1896 at age 70 at Barrysbrooke;

3. Elizabeth Eustace; baptized April 1827 at Edenderry, Tullamore;

4. Jane Eustace; baptized May 1829 at Edenderry, Tullamore; she married William McCabe in March 1852 at Rhode;

5. Teresa Eustace; baptized February 1832 at Rhode; (mother listed as Mullins, all others above as Malone); she married James McEvoy in September 1867 at Rhode.

Laurence Eustice and Judith Fogarty:

Laurence Eustice and Judith Fogarty were married before 1827;
Children of Laurence Eustace and Judith Fogarty:

1. Mary Eustice; baptized 12 August 1827 in the Parish of Tullamore;
2. William Eustice; baptized 29 August, 1838 in the Parish of St. Paul's, Arran Quay, Dublin; Godparents listed as John Lynch and Catherine Doyle.
Note: William's mother is listed as Julia Fogarty. The spelling of the surname is consistent as EUSTICE.

Elizabeth Eustace and Edward English:

Elizabeth Eustace of Edenderry married Edward English before 1820 and lived near Edenderry; they were the parents of at least four children;

Children of Elizabeth Eustace and Edward English:

1. Anne English; baptized 1 May 1820 at Edenderry;

2. John English; baptized 1 May 1822 at Edenderry;

3. William English; baptized 1 May 1826 at Edenderry;

4. Elizabeth English; baptized 1 Oct. 1828 at Edenderry.

Joan Eustace and Pat Malone:

Joan Eustace and Pat Malone were married before 1821 and lived at Edenderry; they were the parents of at least two children;
Children of Joan Eustace and Pat Malone:

1. Edward Malone; baptized 1 May 1821 at Edenderry;

2. Thomas Malone; baptized on 1 September 1823 at Edenderry.

William Eustace
was born about 1810 probably in County Kilkenny; he began his career as a plumber and later became a gas works manager, first in Kilkenny and later at Tullamore, Kings County (later Offaly). He married Marianne (Marian) Miller and they were the parents of Frederick who was born 24 May 1869 at Johns Green, Kilkenny District 1, County Kilkenny. At the time of the son’s birth, William’s occupation was listed as superintendent in gas house. In June, 1873, William Eustace was appointed manager of the Tullamore Gas Works, a position he continued to fill until his death, when he was succeeded by his son, Frederick J. Eustace. William Eustace died 5 December 1895, age 85 years at Harbor Street, Tullamore.

Edward Eustace and Ann Coffey:

Edward Eustace was born about 1798. He married Ann Coffey before 1829 and died at Togher, King's County in  December 1868 at about 70 years of age from what was described as enteritis.
Children of Edward Eustace and Ann Coffey:

1. Michael Eustace; baptized September 1829 at Edenderry; he died of phthisis (Tuberculosis) on 21 November 1865 at Croghan; he was a 36 year old bachelor;

2. Christy Eustace; baptized December 1831 at Rhode; married Catherine Rigney on 26 July 1869.

3. Patrick Eustace; baptized May 1836 at Rhode; died 13 November 1867 at Croghan of phthisis (Tuberculosis); he was a 31 year old farmer and unmarried;

4. Mary Eustace; baptized August 1838 at Rhode; she died of phthisis (Tuberculosis) at the age of 26 years on 17 March 1865 at Barrysbrooke and was unmarried;

5. Edward Eustace; baptized November 1840 at Rhode; died young;

6. Edward Eustace; baptized June 1843 at Rhode; parents of Croghan;

Henry Eustace (Eustice) and Margaret Buckley:

Henry Eustace was born about 1808 and died 14 May 1864 age 56 years at the Tullamore Workhouse; Henry Eustace (Eustice) and Margaret Buckley were married at Tullamore Parish on 12 January 1840 and were the parents of the following children;
Children of Henry Eustace (Eustice) and Margaret Buckley:

1. Patrick Eustace; baptized 17 October 1840 at Tullamore;

2. Mary Euistise; baptized 20 March 1842 at Tullamore;

3. John Eustace; baptized 26 October 1845 at Tullamore;

4. Catherine Eustace; baptized 11 February 1849 at Tullamore;

John Eustace and Monica Tracey:

John Eustace married Monica Tracey on 19 August 1847 at Birr, County Offaly; no further record has been found.

Christopher Eustace and Anne McCabe of Croghan
(1857-67) and Barrysbrook (1868), Rhode Parish:

Christopher Eustace born about 1826; he married Ann McCabe in July 1856 at Rhode Parish; Christopher Eustace was a herder/shepherd and lived at Barrysbrook and Croghan; Ann McCabe Eustace died 29 June 1879 of heart disease. The place of her death is listed as the Catholic church of Croghan.
Children of Christopher Eustace and Anne McCabe of Croghan:

1. John Eustace; baptized July 1857 at Rhode;

2. Michael Eustace; baptized August 1859 at Rhode; he worked as a herder and died 4 March 1879, age 19 of phthisis (Tuberculosis);

3. Mary Eustace; baptized February 1862 at Rhode;

4. William Eustace; baptized October 1863 at Rhode;

5. Christopher Eustace; baptized January 1867 at Rhode; married Ellen McCabe;

6. Ellen Teresa Eustace; baptized October 1868 at Rhode;

7. Pat Eustace; baptized April 1870 at Rhode;

Christopher Eustace and (Mary) Catherine Rigney of Togher and Croghan:

Christopher Eustace, son of Edward of Togher, was born about 1832; he married Catherine Rigney, daughter of John of Kilduff, in Philipstown District on 26 July 1869; best man was Michael Grogan and bridesmaid was Bridget Rigney; Priest Arthur Hume CC; Christopher Eustace was a farmer and lived at Togher and Croghan; Catherine Rigney Eustace was born about 1853.
Children of Christopher Eustace and (Mary) Catherine Rigney of Togher and Croghan:

1. Edward Eustace; baptized July 1870 at Rhode;

2. John Eustace; baptized April 1873 at Rhode;

3. Patrick Eustace; baptized February 1875 at Rhode; died of phthisis at age 23, on 8 Dec. 1898 at Togher;

4. Mary Eustace; baptized March 1877 at Rhode; she married Richard Condron in Feb. 1903 at Tullamore;

5. Anne Eustace; baptized December 1878 at Rhode; died 20 May 1884 of croup;

6. Michael Eustace; baptized May 1881 at Rhode;

7. Catherine Eustace; baptized October 1884 at Rhode;

8. Christopher Eustace; baptized October 1886 at Rhode;

9. Teresa Eustace; baptized February 1889 at Rhode;

10. Joseph Eustace; baptized April 1891 at Rhode;

11. James Eustace; baptized March 1895 at Rhode; James died in 1946 at the age of 51. He was buried on 11 Nov. 1946, in Jersey City, NJ

Christopher Eustace and Ellen McCabe:

Christopher Eustace (Christopher & Ann McCabe) married Ellen McCabe (Joseph and??/) at Rhode Parish on May 1888; Ellen was 16 years old at the time of her marriage; best man at the wedding was William McCabe and bridesmaid was Anne McCabe; Priest Jeremiah Kelly;
Children of Christopher Eustace and Ellen McCabe:
1. Anne Eustace; baptized June 1888 at Rhode; (parents of Barry’s brook);

2. Mary Eustace; baptized October 1891 at Rhode;

3. Michael Eustace; baptized May 1894 at Rhode;

4. Christopher Eustace; baptized June 1896 at Rhode; died 10 Sept. 1897, age 15 months of whooping cough;

5. Joseph Eustace; baptized May 1898 at Rhode;

Frederick Thomas Eustace and Rosanna Killeavy and Brigid Killeavy:

Frederick Eustace, son of William a plumber and later gas works manager in Kilkenny and later in Tullamore, King’s County and Marian Miller, was born 24 May 1869 in Kilkenny District 1, he married (1) Rosanna Killeavy, daughter of Michael, on 18 June 1889 at Tullamore Parish; Rose died 4 December 1893 on Store Street, Tullamore; Frederick Eustace married (2) Brigid Killeavy on 12 July 1897 at Tullamore; the best man was Laurence Clavin and the bridesmaid was Josephine Killevy;

Children of Frederick Eustace and Rosanna Killeavy;

1. Marjorie Eleonore Josephine Eustace; baptized 3 August 1891 at Tullamore;

2. Emily Rose Eustace; baptized 31 January 1892 at Tullamore;

3. Jane Eustace; baptized 3 December 1893 at Tullamore;

Children of Frederick Eustace and Brigid Killeavy;

4. Mary Evelyn Eustace; baptized 5 November 1898 at Tullamore;

5. William Thomas Eustace; baptized 7 December 1899 at Tullamore;

6. Grace Ethel Eustace; born 23 September 1900; parents address given as Charles Street, Tullamore.

Griffiths Valuation - County Offaly (1854)

Name Barony Townland Parish Immediate Lessor

Edward Eustace Philipstown Lower Barrysbrooke Ballyburly Peter Grogan

Edward Eustace Philipstown Lower Togher Ballyburly Dorothea North, Reps.

Henry Eustice Ballycowan Cloncollog Kilbride Earl of Charleville

1901 Offaly Census

Fredrick Thomas Eustace; age 31, Tullamore; Household # 24; Tullamore Urban; Occupation: Gas Manager;
Place of Origin: Kilkenny;

Fredrick Eustace; Gas Manager; age 31; Householder; Roman Catholic;

Brigid Mary Eustace; age 28; Wife; Roman Catholic;

Grace Ethel Eustace; No age given; Daughter; Roman Catholic

William Eustace; 1 year old; Son; Roman Catholic;

Julia Purcell; General Servant; age 27; Servant; Roman Catholic;

John Kennedy; Solicitor Clerk; age 26; Boarder; Roman Catholic;

Marianne Eustace;
age 63; Tullamore; Household # 10; Tullamore Urban; Occupation: Housekeeper;
Place of Origin: Dublin;

Marianne Eustace; Housekeeper; age 63; Householder; Roman Catholic;

Marianne Eustace; Merchant; age 30; Daughter; Roman Catholic;

Margery Eustace; Scholar; age 10; Granddaughter; Roman Catholic;

Emily Eustace; Scholar; age 9; Granddaughter; Roman Catholic;

Mary Feery; Domestic Servant; age 19; Servant; Roman Catholic;

Paul Eustace; age 21; Chapel Lane; Household # 2; Philipstown; Occupation: Gardener; Place of Origin: Wexford;

Christopher Eustace; age 33; Croghanhill; Household # 1; Croghan; Occupation: Caretaker;
Place of Origin: King’s County;

Christopher Eustace; age 33; Caretaker; Householder; Roman Catholic;

Ellen Eustace; age 28; Wife; Roman Catholic

Anne Eustace; age 12; Daughter; Scholar; Roman Catholic;

Mary Eustace; age 9; Daughter; Roman Catholic;

Michael Eustace; age 6; Son; Roman Catholic;

Joseph Eustace; age 2; Son; Roman Catholic;

Christopher Eustace; No age given; Son; Roman Catholic;

John Eustace; age 12; Nephew; Roman Catholic;

Christopher Eustace;
age 69; Togher; Household # 1; Croghan; Occupation: Farmer;
Christopher Eustace; age 69; Occupation: Farmer; Householder;

Catherine Eustace; age 48; Wife; Roman Catholic;

John Eustace; age 27; Son; Roman Catholic;

Mary Eustace; age 23; Farmer’s Daughter; Roman Catholic;

Michael Eustace; age 19; Farmer’s Son; Roman Catholic;

Christopher Eustace; age 14; Son; Scholar; Roman Catholic;

Teresa Eustace; age 12; Daughter; Scholar; Roman Catholic;

Joseph Eustace; age 9; Son; Scholar; Roman Catholic;

James Eustace; age 6; Farmer’s Son; Roman Catholic;

William Eustace of Tullamore:
In June, 1873, William Eustace was appointed manager of the works, which important position he continued to fill with satisfaction to the directors and everybody else concerned until his death in 1895, when he was succeeded by his son, Frederick Thomas Eustace, the present popular manager. During the last decade the works have been reconstructed, their being very little of the original plant in existence. (As the town developed industrially, it became necessary to make improvements and extensions in the works. A new gas holder was erected at a cost of over one thousand pounds. The retort settings have been constructed on what is known as the regenerative system. A plant for the manufacture of sulphate of ammonia was also erected at considerable expense. The system of public lighting has also been considerably improved, the illuminating power of the lamps having been greatly increased by the adoption of inverted incandescent burners which are a vast improvement on the old flat flame burners. Originally the number of public lamps in Tullamore was forty; the number is now double that, and within the past couple of years new mains have been laid through different parts of the town. About a year ago there was talk about introducing the electric light, and the scheme was successfully defeated at the Urban Council by the supporters of the old-time system. Since then the directors have had under consideration a scheme for the lighting of the town with electricity and possibly in the near future the scheme will fructify. The town is well lighted at present - the Gas Company having at the beginning of the season made a new arrangement with the Urban Council whereby the lighting can be more effectively and satisfactorily carried out. The present secretary of the company is Mr. J. A. Lumley, who succeeded his father when that esteemed gentleman died in 1900. It is of some interest to note that when the company was formed, in 1859, the population of Tullamore was 5,000.


Midland Tribune 3rd July 1897

On Monday morning, in the Church of the Assumption, Tullamore the nuptials took place of Mr. Frederick Eustace, manager of Tullamore Gas Works, and Miss Brigid M. Killeavy, eldest daughter of Mr. Michl. Killeavy, T.C., Charleville Square. The bride, who looked charming in a beautiful costume of grey Irish poplin, was given away by her father, and attended by three youthful bridesmaids, also handsomely attired; while Mr, Laurence Clavin acted as best man. Very Rev. Hugh Behan performed the ceremony, at the conclusion of which the dejeuner took place at the residence of the bride's father. Mr. and Mrs. Eustace were the recipients of many congratulations from their numerous friends, and departed on the honeymoon by the 3.19 p.m. train.
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