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Joseph-Marie Remillard Family


Joseph-Marie4 Rémillard; Guillaume1, Francois2, Francois3 (Francois and Marie-Francois Helie dit Breton), was born 5 February 1733, but not baptized until 31 July 1733, because his baptism was delayed because of what was described as a big “freeze”. He was married 8 April 1755 La Durantaye to Marie-Clothide Denis-Lapierre; Marie-Clothilde, daughter of Joseph Denis dit LaPierre and  Marie-Jeanne Labonte dit Clement was baptized 28 August 1740 and died at L'Acadie in 1803. Sometime during the mid-1770s, the Remillard family moved from St. Michel de Bellechasse to L’Acadie in St. Jean County near LaPrairie. Joseph-Marie Remillard died in 1808 at L’Acadie.

Eighteen children were born to the marriage of Joseph-Marie Remillard and Marie-Clothilde Denis dit LaPierre:

1.   Marie-Francoise Remillard; baptized 4 Sept. 1756 at St. Michel;

2.   Marie-Josephte; baptized 8 April 1758 at St. Michel;

3.   Marie-Genevieve Remillard; baptized 26 May 1760 at St. Michel;

4.   Marie-Clothilde Remillard; married 23 June 1777 at St. Philippe of La Prairie to Louis Bechard (Louis & Françoise Emond);

5.   Marie-Agathe; born About 1765 in L'Acadie; married 15 January, 1781 at St. Philippe to Jean Alexis Roy;

6.   Marie-Marguerite; born 18 Jan 1768 in St-Vallier Bellchasse, PQ; married 17 November 1783 at St. Philippe to Theodore Bechard;

7.  Joseph-Marie Rémillard; married 1 October 1787 at St. Philippe to Catherine Robert;

8.   Louis-Marie Rémillard (baptized ROUILLARD); born 8 March 1763; buried 6 May 1850 at Napierville; married (1) 1 November 1789 to Cecile Smith; married (2) 31 January 1814 at L’Acadie to Marie Louise Trottier (Tretier);

9.  André Remillard; married 24 November 1800 at L’Acadie to Marie-Archange Charbonneau;

10. Francois-Hyacinthe Remillard; born about 1775; he married (1) Marie-Amable Bourgeois on 7 November 1796; and married (2) Charlotte-Esther Lamoureaux on 30 August 1802 at L’Acadie;

11. Marie-Reine Remillard; she married Joseph-Francois Monette on 18 October 1790 at L’Acadie;

12. Marie-Angelique Remillard; she married at l’Acadie on 8 February 1796 to Francois Baillargeon;

13. Jean-Marie Remillard; married at L’Acadie on 10 February 1795 to Marie-Marguerite Smith;

14. Michel-Marie Remillard; born about 1779; he married Rosalie Monet on 20 October 1800 at L’Acadie; she was born about 1782 at St. Phillipe, LaPrairie, Quebec. Parents of Archange Remillard (1816-1883);




Church of St. Vallier St. Michel-de-Bellechasse, Quebec Map of Bellechasse County

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